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Appel de Beyrouth - Journée internationale de mobilisation le samedi 12 Août

mercredi 2 août 2006


JULY 30, 2006

"We, International delegation of solidarity with Lebanon, and the Lebanese political parties, associations and movements, at their common meetings, declares that we :

1 – Appeal for an immediate and unconditional end of bombing on Lebanon and Gaza.

2 – Condemn the American-Israeli aggression on Lebanon.

3 – Call for an international day*** of common mobilisation, the August 12 under these points.

Signatures for the International delegation* of solidarity :

- Tasos Koronakos for the Greek delegation.
- Nahla Chahal for the French** delegation.
- Leo Gabriel for the Austrian Social Forum.
- Dennis Brutus for the South African organisations.

* Below the names of the delegates.
** With the reserve of the French Green Party delegate.
*** As a first symbolic common day. Meanwhile, the every day mobilisation in each country must continue, also sending huge delegations to Lebanon from around the world.

French Délégation of the " Collectif National Palestine de France* "
- ABDALLAH Samir, “Film makers appeal”, and CCIPPP (International civilian campaign for the protection of the Palestinian people) ,
- BEN HIBA Tarek, représentant of the " Fédération pour une Citoyenneté des Deux Rives ", Régional elected deputy Ile de France, Alternative Citoyenne.
- COURTIN Christophe, CRID ( Collectif pour la Recherche, Information et développement)
- CRINON Monique, IPAM ( initiative pour un autre monde ) and " Alternatives Internationales "
- DEWANGEN Sylviane, CVPR ( Comité de vigilance pour une Paix Réelle au Proche-Orient)
- GUICHARD Serge, PCF (Parti communiste français)
- LEMAIRE Gilles, les Verts
- MENDES FRANCE Mireille, Association Internationale des Juristes Démocrates , and UJFP (Union Juive Française pour la Paix)
- OUCIBLE Kamal, PSM ( Participation et Spiritualité Musulmane ) and AFD ( Alliance for Freedom and Dignity)
- POUILLARD Nicolas, LCR (Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire)
- RAVENEL Bernard, AFPS ( Association France-Palestine Solidarité)
- SOMMER Thomas, LCR
- SID Mohand , journaliste
- SEDDIQ Naoufel, journaliste

* This gathering is grouping 50 associations, organisations, trade-unions and political parties as : Ligue des Droits de l’Homme, MRAP (mouvement contre le racisme et pour l’amitié entre les peuples), CGT, FSU , UNEF, Confédération Paysanne, and many Associations of the immigration…

From Greece
- DESPINA SPANOU, ADEDY (Higher Association of Public Servants)
- ANTONIA LEGAKI, Alternative intervention of Barristers of the Athens Bar Association.
- PAVLOS ANTONOPOULOS, OLME ( Union of teachers in secondary level school).
- GIORGOS TSITSILIANOS, Synaspismos, (left Party).
- NIKOS GIANNOPOULOS, Greek Social Forum
- MANOLIS ILIAKIS, Antiwar movement of Crete
- VAIOS SKARLATOS, Antiwar Internationalist Movement
- GUIDO CHIOFI, Network for Social and Political Rights
- KOSTAS FOTAKIS, Antiwar Internationalist Movement and NAR ( New Left Current)
- THEODOROS ZDUKOS Union of Hospital Doctors of Thessaloniki
- MIHIAR EKTAMI Union of Palestinian Workers in Europe

From Austria
- GABRIEL LEO , Austrian Social Forum.

From South Africa
- BRUTUS Dennis, Jubilee South Africa (Cancellation of debt), Antiracist and anti Apartheid Organizations, and former prisoner against apartheid.

First Lebanese signatures

Saadallah Mazraani – Lebanese communist party
Ali Fayyad – Hezbullah Party
Najah Wakim – People current
Jubran Basil – Free National Current*
Issam Naaman – National Unity tribune/ the Third Power
Kamil Dagher – Communist Revolutionnary League –Lebanon

* waiting for final confirmation